New Advisor Award

The purpose of the New Advisor Award is to recognize and reward novice professional advising staff who embody the spirit of caring, compassionate, skillful advisement, and genuine concern for the welfare of individual students.

The recipient of the New Advisor Award will receive a plaque and a cash award of $500 at the UAC Awards Breakfast in May.

The nominee shall have performed as an academic advisor for two (2) years or less as of January 1 of the award year and may not be the recipient of this award in consecutive years. Any student, staff or faculty member may make a nomination.

2020 New Advisor Nomination Criteria
2020 New Advisor Nomination Form

New Advisor Award Winners:

  • 2020 -- Tyler Laughlin
  • 2019 -- Rachel Nemets
  • 2018 -- Carol Vargas
  • 2017 – Savannah Maxwell
  • 2016 – Chris Cantrell
  • 2015 – Rafael Almanzar
  • 2014 – Amber Skinner
  • 2013 – Eric Newman