UAC-BULL listserv

What is it?

The UAC community uses the UAC-BULL listserv to distribute important information, send program and activity announcements, ask for input and assistance and to share their knowledge, resources, experience and advice. [A listserv is an email distribution list which allows users to send a single electronic message to multiple individuals who subscribe to participate in the list.]

How do I receive the emails?

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the UAC-BULL listserv, send an email from your Texas A&M work email account to Carissa Beamon. Explain that you would like to be added to or removed from the UAC-Bull listserv.

How do I send information to the listserv?

We have moved to a weekly update system in order to streamline important information and decrease the volume of emails to your inbox. To post a message to the UAC-BULL listserv, please refer to the following instructions.

Urgent and/or time-sensitive information

This includes Howdy/COMPASS maintenance announcements, information with pressing deadlines, etc. and should be reserved solely for those items that need to go out prior to the next weekly update. Please format these emails exactly as you’d like them sent out (e.g. include all attachments, omit any instructions to the VP Communications) and send to UAC-bull@listserv.tamu.edu. The messages will be reviewed and then distributed to the listserv directly from you. Please note that this email will not return to your inbox as a new message since you are the original sender. 

All other listserv content

This includes new course announcements, seat availability, upcoming workshops/events, etc. Please send all the content, flyers/attachments, and contact information to UAC-bull@tamu.edu. All content submitted by 4pm on Friday will be compiled into a single update that will be sent to the listserv every Monday morning. Please try to submit this type of content in a timely manner so that it makes it on the weekly update and does not need to be forwarded immediately to the listserv. Please make any specific or alternate contact information clear, otherwise the contact information from the sender will be used.