Advising Team Award

The purpose of the Advising Team Award is to recognize the advising team which has made notable and outstanding contributions towards Student Advising. The contributions can be through an advising team’s support of advisor professional development, enhancement of communication methods between advisors, advisor training, and development of programs. Excellent student advising contributes to the overall improvement of our educational environment.

Nominations for the Advising Team Award MUST be made by the AOC Dean or his/her designee of the advising team’s college or division (one nomination per College or Division allowed). The recipient(s) of the Advising Team Award will receive a team plaque and a cash award of $500 for professional development or training at the UAC Awards Breakfast.

2020 Advising Team Nomination Criteria
2020 Advising Team-Nomination-Form

Advising Team Award Winners:

  • 2020 -- Center for Student-Athlete Services- Scholastic Supervisors - Chris Barttlebort, Dan Childs, Nakia DeBlanc, Harper Fletcher, Garry Gibson, Joshua Hadley, Michael McGee, Kristi Mejias, Mindy Phillips, Molly Tye and Jonathan Wallace
  • 2019 -- Brianna Edwards & Julia Jakab, College of Liberal Arts
  • 2018 -- Office of Student Services in College of Architecture (Dr. Dave Wentling, Jill Raupe, Janet Richards, Edgar Morales, Michael Clement, Kelli Edmunds, Rachel  Wales, Danny Wu, Michael White, and Zephaniah Bartie)
  • 2017 – Health & Kinesiology, College of Education and Human Development
  • 2016 – Department of Animal Science: Donna Witt, Amber Salvato, Jennifer Rhinesmith-Carranza, Dr. Leslie Frenzel
  • 2015 – Undergraduate Programs Office, College of Liberal Arts
  • 2014 – The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences High Impact Practice (HIP) Advisors Program
  • 2013 – College of Education and Human Development Advising Committee